C&S Northern Division Videos

As the photos on this website show, the C&S Northern Division is essentially complete.  While there will always be more details, vehicles, and other small projects, this layout and its operation have surpassed my goal of recreating the 1958 prototype.  So what's next?

The answer for me is video:  capturing look and operation together in a creative way.  Perhaps even tell a story or two.  This YouTube Channel will carry future videos of the Northern Division.  Of course, all videos will be on this page as well.

The C&S Northern Division YouTube Channel

Ready... Camera... Action

Here is my first attempt, Main Line Cab Ride, released in late December, 2022.  Reaction has been positive.

Steam Engine Servicing

Released in May 2023, Turning a Steam Locomotive, is my first operations-oriented video.  It shows why Rice Yard Engine Foreman is a popular job on the layout.

Running with Train Orders

Released in July 2023, Sugar Beet Run introduces time table and train order operation.  The Beet Run dodges superior trains to reach Niwot Colorado, where work awaits.

Main Line Meets by Time Table

Released in October 2023, Thru Freight Ballet shows the power of the Time Table schedule.  Eight trains — Five meets — No train orders.  Day and night action as passenger and freight trains meet on the single track main line.

Simple Orders For a Non-Clearing Train

Released in December 2023, Long Train Running follows through freight Number 46, a train too long to fit in any siding.  No. 46 has nowhere to hide from priority trains headed its way.  Ride along with train crewmen as they execute the Dispatcher's train orders that keep the Northern Division running smoothly.